Price Range: 532-3288€

The best italian coral with the gold

becomes a dream of beauty and color.

Chic Collection

Chic Collection

Price Range: 319-969€

Modern and essential shapes

enhanced by shiny and precious gold.

Ringlet Collection

Ringlet Collection

Price Range: 317-1979€

The inspired design of this collection

will embrace your desire to shine.

Glitter Collection

Glitter Collection

Price Range: 224-852€

The shine of gold

and the marvel of craftsmanship.

Fancy Collection

Fancy Collection

Price Range: 323-3222€

The triumph of natural stones

and fascinating coloured transparencies.

Theme Collection

Theme Collection

Price Range: 272-732€

The art of Italian jewellery materializes

in unique and delightfully crafted jewelry.

Collezione Sparks


Prize Range: 95-330€

Perfect collection for those seeking

for gold jewelry on a budget.

Collezione Chicca

Chicca Collection

Price Range: 360-5160€

Fabulous candy in gold or silver, studded with precious stones

with a little 18kt yellow gold heart.

Gabriella Silver

Gabriella Silver

Price Range: 56-382€

Silver jewelry with cubic zirconia, pearls and semi-precious stones

made with the greatest care and craftsmanship.

Collezione Dentelle

Dentelle Collection

Price Range: 171-512€

The lace in its highest and most valuable form;

fascinating accessories and wonderful design.

Collezione Tika

Tika Collection

Price Range: 153-494€

Important and exaggerated shapes,

for this rich and classy collection.

Collezione Legami!

Legami! Collection

Price Range: 184-241€

A knot of love that will never untie;

from the designers Antonio Rossetti and Elviro di Meo.



Price Range: 54-76€

These jewels enhance the centuries-old art of Venetian glass;

murrine and glass beads and silver together to enrich your style.

Collezione Ali

Ali Collection

Price Range: 617-3387€

Exclusive jewelry by designers Elviro di Meo and Antonio Rossetti,

who wanted to summarize a form in its essence.

Collezione Princess

Princess Collection

Price Range: 236-1751€

Flower rich of petals and handcrafted details,

made to enhance the feminine look and make it princely.

Bon Ton Collection

Bon Ton Collection

Price Range: 179-955€

A wonderful and delicate bow

that will keep all your happy moments.

Collezione Elleboro

Elleboro Collection

Price Range: 465-1703€

A cascade of golden flowers make unique and unforgettable

the special moments of your life.

Collezione Amazzonia

Amazzonia Collection

Price Range: 204-1394€

The many forms of the plants of the Amazon rainforest

are enhanced by sophisticated details and top quality materials.

Collezione Atomo

Atomo Collection

Price Range: 322-2377€

The basic elements of matter

represented in wonderful exclusive jewelry.

Collezione Origami

Origami Collection

Price Range: 388-785€

Endless details that multiply the light and charm of jewelry

created with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Collezione Lilium

Lilium Collection

Price Range: 310-1199€

The delicacy of a flower

enclosed in fascinating gold jewelry.

Jardin Collection

Jardin Collection

Price Range: 305-1793€

A collection made of delicacy and sinuosity,

summary of style ad elegance.