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  1. New "Rudder" necklace in 14kt gold
  2. New 14kt gold necklace with cross
  3. New 14kt gold necklace with star pendant
  4. New "Cherub" necklace in 14kt gold
  5. New 14kt gold "Heart" necklace

Artisans Craftsmanship


The goal of Gioiello Italiano is to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship that world admires. Our jewelry is all handmade in Italy with the finest materials and processing techniques that combine the latest technology with ancient traditions and experience of quality people.

Our site is made for those who love the precious metal, looking for a high-level accessory. The catalog variety is our strengh; from us you can find a wide assortment of rings, solitaire, diamonds, necklaces and earrings, all in gold and silver with natural, precious and semi-precious stones. Also worth visiting is our collections, result of the work of our designers, created for all tastes and needs.

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