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Silver has the quality of being beautiful and shining like white gold while being more affordable.

Silver jewels are the perfect choice for birthday gift or other kind of events.

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  1. New "Anchor" rhodium-plated silver necklace
  2. New "Prancing Horse" necklace in rhodium-plated silver
  3. New Silver necklace with heart pendant
  4. New "Ladybug" rhodium-plated silver necklace
  5. New Rhodium-plated silver "Hamsa" necklace
  6. New Four-leaf clover rhodium-plated silver necklace
  7. New Heart rhodium-plated silver necklace
  8. New "Cherub" rhodium-plated silver necklace
  9. New Elephant rhodium-plated silver necklace
  10. New Necklace "Faith, Hope, Charity" in rhodium-plated silver
  11. New Silver korean necklace with beads
  12. New Silver necklace with flower pendant
  13. New Silver "Hamsa" necklace with colored enamel
  14. New "Tree" silver necklace with colored enamel
  15. New Necklace "Rose Window" in silver and enamel
  16. New V-shaped silver necklace
  17. New Greek pattern silver necklace
  18. New Silver necklace "Tree of Life"
  19. New Silver mesh necklace with knot
  20. New Triple korean silver necklace
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Items 1-30 of 75


Gold necklaces are one of our strengths. In our online jewelry store you can find a wide range of necklaces suitable for every need of fit and gift.

Long necklaces, short necklaces, round necklaces, with or without pendant, gold and silver chains, full and empty, with different styles. They range from simple thin and minimalist necklaces, to pearl threads or long necklaces with large pendants. On Gioiello Italiano we have everything you need to satisfy your tastes in terms of gold necklaces.

While for you gentlemen we have a dedicated section of gold necklaces.