Additional Services


Custom orders


We of Gioiello Italiano, thanks to our laboratory, are completely open to any kind of request about the designing and making of a tailored jewel, following the customer indications. As these products are not within our standard catalogue, the price, time of delivery and production are subject to the complexity of the job.


If you want a jewel made especially for you contact us at: [email protected] providing all the necessary information like:


  - type of jewel (ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, etc.)

  - material (white, yellow or pink gold, carats, silver, etc.)

  - design indications (for example a shape, a theme, or perhaps an image of a similar jewel)

  - technical specifications (approximate measurements, weight, ring size, chain length, earrings closing, etc.)

  - price range (how much you want to invest).


According to the information provided, we will proceed with a preliminary design and, in case of approval, we will kick off with the production, trying to provide extimated costs and waiting times as precisely as possible.

In case you don't have enough information, we are open to guide you step by step throughout the process, attempting to fulfill your wishes.


Rings size


If you have chosen one of our rings but you can't find your size, don't worry, you only have to contact us at: [email protected] providing:


  - the code written under the product name in the product page

  - the ring size that fits you.


We will examine the feasibility of the operation and contact you to give confirmation. Once completed the purchase, we will proceed with the size adjustment, without additional costs.


Some rings, because of their shape or presence of stones, may be not adjustable to different sizes. Usually every ring can be modified by maximum two sizes, of course we will inform you before the purchase.