Accepted Payment Methods


The price of each Product (VAT included) is indicated in the respective product page and does not include the transport and delivery costs that will be indicated in detail before sending the order. No surcharge is applied to the different methods of payment. In NO case we accept cash on delivery payment.

You can pay the amount due in the following ways, at your choice.


     Credit Card



We accept all popular credit cards, including prepaid cards. Once you have selected the method you will be redirected to the Multisafepay payment gateway and you will need to enter your card number, cardholder, expiry date and number on the back of the card. Some credit cards may have an additional level of security consisting of a password or temporary numeric code, if you do not have it please contact your credit institution for more information.






If you already have a PayPal account, you can choose this method to finalize the transaction. We do not accept payments from anyone who does not have a PayPal account.

We will charge you in the currency of your PayPal account, at no additional cost. PayPal also offers coverage of up to €500 for any online purchase, to increase customer confidence and protect them from fraud.




With Klarna you can pay in three instalments without interest and without financing, even if you just use your credit card. The total amount will be divided into three parts, the first to be paid immediately, the second after 30 days and the third after 60 days. Using Klarna is quick and easy, requires very few steps and there is no need to provide any documents as with classic financing.

Klarna also offers an instant bank transfer solution with which you can pay and get your goods immediately without having to wait the usual working days for banking.


     Maestro Debit Card


We also accept Maestro debit cards, a method recommended for those who do not have a credit card, PayPal or do not want to wait for the time of a bank transfer.



     Venetex Transfer 


For those who are part of the Venetex circuit, it is possible to make the payment by simply selecting "Venetex Transfer" during checkout, then make the payment on the platform and enter as beneficiary the ID: 82455059, indicating the order number visible at the end of checkout and in the confirmation email you received.

The goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment.


For any doubt or question we invite you to contact us at: [email protected]