Collezione WE


The WE collection was born out of the difficult time we all went through during 2020, the signs of which we still carry. During the lockdown we wanted to create something symbolic, something unique, something beautiful, something that would remind everyone of the sense of unity that touched us all, like a big hug of solidarity.

We realised the power of our connection, and we felt extremely close and connected to each other, as if we were side by side as one big global family.
Speaking different languages, living in different countries, looking at different skies, but sharing the same hope and determination for the future.


still WE 1

still WE 2


The WE series consists of a necklace (available in different lengths), earrings and a charm. The symbolic design communicates all its strength at first glance. The world is divided in half, with continents on one side and an intertwining of hands on the other, supporting each other. The whole is made of the finest 14-carat yellow gold, while the oceans are represented by fantastic spherical aquamarine milk stones.

The whole thing has been designed and manufactured in Italy, by master goldsmiths, with selected materials and attention to quality.

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orecchini WE

collana WE